Amplify Content From Invisible To Dominant
With The Push Of A Button

ReachRocket installs seriously targeted, one-button post BOOST function on your Facebook company page.
Re-enable Facebook's lost reach to dominate key audiences.

Why ReachRocket?

Even in light of Facebook's diminishing free reach, Facebook remains an incredibly fertile space for marketers who master social psychographic (persona) targeting pay-to-play fan page post distribution. ReachRocket is the social distribution assassin's laser-guided missile.

ReachRocket is best used to amplify Facebook Fan Page content for distribution, reach, buzz, exposure to influencers, PR, links, community building, and attributable sales.

OMG The AUDIENCES! Our staff interviews you and installs deadeye psychographic audiences into ReachRocket. You control content amplification with easy on/off buttons. SO, the targeting starts off as best in the world on day one. Our audiences are known to be insanely focused.


Who Needs ReachRocket?

Companies of any size eager to dramatically expand Facebook reach using big-data targeting & one-button operation.

Agencies seeking an affordable content amplification platform solution:
Provide clients with best-in-the-world psychographic targeting. Save 300-400 hours of production annually for every 2-3 amplified wall posts a week. That time was previously spent setting targeting, building campaign structure ads, learning new Facebook UIs, learning new targeting, dealing with bids, etc.

ReachRocket handles all that, keeping your targeting and distribution uniform, stable, simple, and at your fingertips.

Content marketers charged with creating signals & attributable conversions:
ReachRocket re-enables long-lost Facebook reach to extraordinarily focused audiences.

Influencers, media roles, journalists, bloggers, morning show hosts, columnists & hundreds of other roles: Make SURE that those who will support, create buzz, and link to your content are exposed to your FB page post.

Customers will come to your website - and socialize in Facebook - at your command when you push the audience button.

Competitors' customers & other vertical audiences.

Users who have already viewed your content.

Many, many other desirable audiences, as you specify.

Key ReachRocket Features

OMG! The Targeting! ReachRocket bottles our legendary psychographic mojo. Strap in!

Target only qualified customers who can afford what your business sells.

Extremely easy to use with on/off push-button controls.

Intuitive reports that measure the right metrics & provide actionable depth.

Low cost, simple month-to-month contract.

Advanced features that include filtered retargeting & conversion tracking.


Facebook offers incredible targeting options. The ReachRocket team has been building social psychographic display audiences to promote content, sales, PR, and SEO since 2007. We install audiences our team creates in consultation with you. As we onboard your Facebook page into ReachRocket, our audience consultant meets with you to understand marketplace and objective. Our team installs the audiences into your ReachRocket buttons to turn on and off for push-button content amplification.

The ReachRocket audiences team is led by thought leaders in psychographic targeting. We zero in on affinities, proclivities, quirks, biases, politics, sexuality, occupations, workplaces,

education, competitors' affinities, brand preferences, publication (on and offline) loyalties, media consumption, figureheads followed, medical status, charitable tendencies, credit card usage, net worth, and thousands of other B2B and B2C behavioral variables.

ReachRocket audiences can include retargeting. We provide you with code to place on your website. When visitors from any channel land on your website, the ReachRocket audience "follows" those visitors upon their return to Facebook. Retargeting can be filtered by any audience attribute. For instance, only retarget e-commerce visitors (who did not convert) if they are qualified and use credit cards to make similar purchases online.


ReachRocket is an application for one Facebook page. ReachRocket comes with twelve targeted audiences and one retargeting audience that we create for you and install. You can have as many ReachRocket accounts as you would like. One ReachRocket account per Facebook page.

  • $385 installation fee that includes:

    • Twelve Audiences we help you create via Direct Consulting
    • Up to two hours for training and consultation

  • Additional Audiences start at $50 per Audience (one-time installation)

  • Audience packages with set number of Audiences per month for use as needed
  • $79 per month per Facebook page ($250 monthly media spend cap)

  • $179 per month per Facebook page with unlimited media spend

  • 2% media handling fee

  • Month-to-month contract, cancel at any time

  • Bulk discounts available

  • Retain access to Audiences with contiguous service